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As you may know, professional truck drivers have been having an increasingly difficult time in accessing food and restroom facilities during the COVID-19 crisis. The closure of restaurants and an inability for truck drivers to walk up to drive thru windows has left the industry looking for alternatives. Meals For Truck Drivers BC has been established by a group of BC business owners along with the BC Trucking Association to mobilize the food truck industry to bring meals, along with portable washroom facilities, to card locks in locations in need around the Province. Not only does this help to address the needs of drivers, but also puts many workers in the otherwise shut down food truck industry back to work. 

The response to this has been amazing and has now developed into requests from various corporations to help by way of some kind of sponsorship. In an effort to provide an easily – administered option that can be scalable based on the needs of the sponsor, this document represents the current sponsorship opportunity for you to consider. Your support is sincerely appreciated.


The individual food truck operators involved, of course, have a wide range of food offerings at a variety of prices. Corporate sponsors are invited to sponsor meals for professional truck drivers at a pre-set cost of $15 which will include a menu item plus a drink. In most cases, this will cover the full cost of any menu selection, and may, in some cases be in excess of the menu prices. 

Providing $15 per meal will achieve 2 things: 

  • Ensure that drivers can select any item from the menu without hitting a price ceiling; 
  • Provide additional revenue to the food truck operator, in cases where the menu pricing would be lower than $15, to help offset the expected variability in business that might be experienced at Cardlock locations (versus their normal venues of festivals, etc.)

What's Expected of Sponsors

Fill out the form to the right to request a time and location for assigning sponsorship. A member of our team will reach out to assist, setup and gather the following information.

  • Develop and print your own “meal coupons” to be distributed to drivers at the venue; 
  • Choose how many meals you would like to provide; 
  • Provide a staff person along with, if desired, a Company logo’d vehicle for the designated time and venue in order to distribute the coupons to drivers and provide exposure to your Company for the sponsorship (keep Cardlock operational safety and social-distancing in mind); 
  • If possible, take a high quality photo of your time onsite and share back to the team for inclusion in our social media; 
  • Be prepared, prior to leaving the site, to settle up with the food truck vendor by credit card for the amount of meals provided (xx meals x $15 each – these vendors are typically running on tight cash flow given the current circumstances); 

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