Kris Gunderson - A Highway Hero

Nominated by: Jackie Charles
Drives for:
Arrow Transportation Systems Inc, Kamloops, BC
Flat Deck
Common Route:
Gibraltar (McLeese Lake), Alaska, Mount Milligan

It is with great pleasure that I nominate Kris Gunderson as a Highway Hero. Kris is an inspiration to all of us at Arrow and the community at large. His generous spirit has touched many before, as he regularly gives back to his community by volunteering at the local cancer facility in Kamloops, and each year travels 1,100 km on his skateboard to raise funds for cancer. It’s no surprise to those who know him, that he would be at the front lines of giving during the pandemic with his recent very generous personal donation of $750 to Meals for Truckers.

Kris is an owner operator for Arrow’s BC Reload Logistics division in Kamloops where manager, Kelly Hawkins, says “Kris is the type of guy who would stop to help anyone stranded on the side of the road…he has done this many times before.” We all take our hats off to Kris. In everything he does, he goes the extra mile, puts in the extra time, has kindness and an ear for all who need it. He makes everyone want to be better, do better. He’s what heroes are made of. Thank you, Kris!

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