Ensuring Meals
& Facilities Are
Available For
Truckers Across
Canada During The
Covid-19 Pandemic

Deemed essential service providers, professional truck drivers are working hard to deliver everything society needs during this critical time – groceries, medicine, medical supplies, and everything else we need for our daily lives.


Our mission to #feedatrucker is a grassroots community movement started in Kamloops, BC with the guidance and support of  BC business owners and the BC Trucking Association to ensure truckers across Canada have the resources & support they need during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Our Mission

As the COVID-19 crisis progresses, professional truck drivers have been having an increasingly difficult time accessing food, restrooms, and other resources while on the road. The closure of restaurants and with the inability of truck drivers to simply walk up to drive-thru windows has left the industry looking for alternatives.

Meals For Truck Drivers have been established by a group of British Columbia business owners along with the BC Trucking Association to mobilize the food truck industry to bring meals, along with portable wash facilities, to card locks in locations in need around the province. As the movement and need have grown, so have the resources the community has gathered grown.

Not only does this help to address the needs of drivers, but also puts many workers in the otherwise shut down food truck industry back to work.

A trucker navigates this Utah highway in his big rig

Featured HIghway Hero

Allan Seiben - A Highway Hero

Nominated by: Justin Cheverie
Drives for:
 Alchemsit Specialty Carriers LTD, Surrey, BC
Common Route: All of USA and Canada

During this pandemic and all of the changes and challenges that our industry is facing Allan has never missed a beat. He has remained a steadfast owner operator and never refuses a load, regardless of the location for pick up and delivery. Allan has been an owner operator and professional truck driver for well over 25 years delivering safely for many sectors of our economy. Allan spent many years delivering extremely oversized and over weight loads for many of our current large oil and gas facilities and projects in Canada and the USA. He is currently specializing in petroleum products and volatile chemical loads for delivery to mines, mills and gas plants in Canada and the USA.

Allan is a very professional owner operator with an outstanding safety record, excellent customer service qualities and a true example of what it means to be a professional driver and team member. ASC is extremely proud and grateful to have Alan on our team!

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Community Partners

Thank you so much for the continued support of our community partners. From the food trucks slinging the food to the corporations donating meals to the truckers, to our media partners and Facebook Community continually sharing our posts with their friends and families ensuring the truckers keeping our province running.

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